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11th Annual Twilight Affair


Last November we held our annual fundraiser and it was a huge success. The evening featured a balloon raffle, a silent auction, and our first live auction..which the crowd loved. 
We were thrilled to share the evening with some very special friends of Angels Above...Katherine Grant, Angel Gonzalez, and Billy Depina. 

MGH nurse Anne Fonseca, Katherine and her mom, Laurie
Angel with his parents, Erika and Pablo, and baby sister Noviani

Billy on the dance floor
 A big thank you to the many people and businesses who helped make the evening such a success. Whether you donated your time or donated items for the auctions and balloon raffle, we are most grateful.  And of course, heartfelt thanks to all who attended.


When Sue Horman was asked about the evening, she said "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us for the past 11 years.  Angels Above has been very blessed with generous donations for our silent auction and balloon raffle and I am grateful for the support of all who have attended this wonderful event over the years. As the economy changes, it has become very challenging for us to raise money. But we were able to raise $17,000.00 and I am truly grateful to everyone"


We hope you can join us on Sunday, November 3rd, for our 12th Annual Twilight Affair.


(Twilight pictures are available on our website)


Thank You
 Congregation Shalom!


Last year the students of Congregation Shalom in Chelmsford chose Angels Above as their yearlong school "Tzedakah" (meaning
"charity") organization. 
Each week the children were asked to donate whatever they could and the money collected would be donated at the end of the year. 


Last November
 we were invited to join them for their Ma'ariv, an evening prayer service. At the end of the service, they presented Angels Above
with a check for $1,401.77!


We were honored to be chosen as their Tzedakah and are very grateful to all the students and staff for their kindness and generosity. 


Toda raba!!

Valentine's Day Fun
Valentine's 2013  
Our annual Valentine's Day Party was full of LOVE! Along with a pizza party, there was a craft station where the children made Valentine cards and a Decorate Your Own Cupcake area.

Want to be a Party Sponsor?  For just $25 you could help with the cost of our next party. Your name will be posted at the party and you'll receive a photo of the day.


Please mark "Angel Party Sponsor" in the memo section on your check or in the "description" section if using PayPal on our website. We appreciate your support.  

To see the photos of the Valentine's Day Party, please visit our website.
2012 Q3 & Q4 Donors 
A sincere thank you to the following people who have donated in memory of a loved one, in honor of a loved one, or just because. 

The Fenn School, Theresa Mitton, Merrimack River Valley House, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Flagler, The Barton Family, George & Pat Travers, Lynne Travers, Margie Lotto, Susan Goldman-Kreithen, Glenda Speyer, Karen McNamara, Frederick Pultar, Congregation Shalom, Daniel & Rachel Johnson, The Fly High Gianna walkers, Donna DeMarco, Frank & Carole DiDomenico, James & Deborah Douglas, Revere Civic Club, Christine & Robert Anderson, Kathie Pazola, Agnes Guthrie, Frances Klein, Simon Chao, Janet Cohen, Ipswitch Inc., Jessie Guifridda, Elaine Wakely, Melissa Kurowski, Arthur Osborn, Mark & Theresa Cohen, Hope Eacrett in memory of her daughter Natalie, Jeannine Lemay, Patricia Tweed, , Gloria Fauvel, Paul Colasanti, Maureen Mesheau, Robert Daley, and Robert Pisano.
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Angels Icon 


Winter 2013  



It's a new year and if you're like me, it's a chance to get rid of the things you thought you would use but never that dish set that's been in your cabinet for what....10 years? Or the clothing that is never worn and taking up space in your closet? Or the furniture (instead of the car) that is being stored in your garage?


Did you know that the Angels Above Store, located at 99 Mammoth Road in Lowell, provides the majority of funding for Angels Above?  And, did you know that we accept all kinds of donations ranging from housewares to furniture to women's and children's clothing? 


Unfortunately, the donations to the store are down considerably.  Perhaps this is due to people using Ebay to sell their items or maybe they are dropping things off in one of the roadside bins. 


The next time you are thinking of donating items or selling them on Ebay, please consider making the donation to Angels Above.  It's somewhat painless (it is kind of hard to let go of some of my things!) but you are helping a wonderful cause. 


For more information on donating your items, please call Sue at the store (978-452-4833).  Tax receipts are available upon request.


As always, we thank you for your support. 


Warmest Regards,

Mary Beth Brunelle

Holy Cannoli!     


By Anne Pizzano  


Boston's North End has some of the finest Italian pastries. MGHfC patient Joshua Sharpe and a few members of his care team were debating which local bakery had the best cannoli. In the heat of discussion, Josh proposed a cannoli taste test! With the help of Angels Above, the cannoli were put to the test (well actually to the mouth) to find the top rated cannoli.  


Cannoli were purchased from Boston's famous Mike's Pastry, as well as lesser known but local favorites, Modern Pastry and Maria's Pastry.   If size counted Mike's Pastry cannoli would win. However, in this contest, taste and texture were most important. Hands down the first place winner (with no contention) was the Modern Pastry for its delicious sweetened ricotta filling and handmade shell that was not only crunchy but also had a surprising hint of cinnamon!


Although the outcome was a surprise to Josh, he was a happy patient (with a full belly)! 


Do You Believe?     



December 13th was a magical day on the Pediatric floors.  Santa was coming!  Our annual Christmas Party was held in the playroom on Ellison 18 where Santa visited with the children and handed out gifts. 


For the children who were on precautions and could not leave their room to join the party, Santa went to them. Excitement grew as they waited to catch a glimpse of his red suit. Each child waited anxiously for Santa to put on a gown, mask and gloves before entering.  They were thrilled to get a private visit from him!   


While at the party, Santa received a phone call from the Oncology Clinic where our special friend, Angel, was (pictured above).  Angel had been looking forward to our party but unfortunately wasn't feeling well enough to join us.  So Santa went to the clinic to see Angel. When Santa entered his room, a big smile appeared on Angel's face. Santa visited for a while and then whispered something in his ear and Angel listened very closely. He smiled and waived as Santa left his room.
The next day, Ashley Reardon, a Child Life Specialist on Ellison 17, sent us an email with the following: "I just wanted to share what Angel said to me first thing when I saw him this morning...'Santa came and saw me. Look what he brought for me. It kept me warm all night. See, touch it. It's so soft and snuggly.'  Seriously, it was the sweetest thing. Angel was not feeling good yesterday, as I am sure you observed but he is having a much better day today and I am sure that the new blanket made him feel extra cozy last night while he was in the hospital. Thank you so much ladies for your generosity to the patients and families here at MGHfC."   
When Angel was released from the hospital, he had a special gift from Santa waiting for him at home.
Please go to our website to view all the wonderful photos of Santa and the children. 
The Gift of Giving



Andover Raytheon Cable Dept.


For several years we have received holiday donations from the employees at the Andover Raytheon Cable Department, the staff at Dr. Steven St. Germain's dental office  and the women of the Mt. Carmel Bowling League.


  BowlingLeague2012 Mt Carmel Bowling League

You have all been extremely generous and we are truly touched by your continued kindness.
Fly High Gianna

  Gianna's Fundraiser

We reported in our Fall 2012 newsletter that 15 year old Gianna Dias passed away last July.  Shortly after her death, Gianna's friends and neighbors joined together for a fundraiser walk in her memory and the proceeds were donated to Angels Above.


Stephanie Budd, the organizer of the walk, stated "we sold 500 tee shirts and raised over $5000. It certainly was an act of love and hope!  It helped our community deal with the loss of Gianna, as well as gave the extended Dias family something positive to focus on, even if only for a little while."


Each walker wore a shirt with Fly High Gianna printed on the front and There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Gandhi printed on the back.


Thank you to all who participated in this very special fundraiser. 

Until next time......

Valentine's 2013    
     be well, enjoy each day,
     and keep smiling!!

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