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9th Annual Twilight Affair A Big Success
Be A Valentine's Day Party Sponsor
Dental Office Brings Smiles
The Keiley Family's Gift
Angels Above Turns 15!
Gong Meditation Project
Santa's Magical Visit
Raytheon's Cables Dept Spreads Cheer
Mt. Carmel Ladies Bowling League Strikes Again!
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Halloween Fun!

Our annual  HALLOWEEN 
PARTY was a hit with the children!  Along with their parents, and even the hospital staff, the children easily got into the Halloween spirit by choosing a hat to wear from our special hat collection. 
With gift bags for all, along with a pizza party and spooky music, it was a ghostly good time!
Please go to our website for more pictures of the children.
What to do with unwanted items
What do you do with all the unwanted items in your house??  You donate them to the Angels Above Store! 
 We accept household items, women's and children's clothing, toys, dvd's, cd's, seasonal items and jewelry. 
If you have any questions regarding your donation, please call Sue at the Angels Above Store (978-452-4833).

Thank you!

9th Annual Twilight Affair


Last November 4th was such a special evening for Angels Above. Our annual fundraiser brought 160 people together for a wonderful raise money for the children! 


The evening featured a slide show of the children of MGHfC, along with holiday ornaments they had painted, a silent auction, a balloon raffle, music provided by DJ Dave Pekarski, and the Pelham Inn's famous turkey dinner. 





 We were honored to have several patients and their families join us.  They made the evening very special for everyone.


A big thank you to all the people and companies who donated items for our silent auction.  And on a personal note, I would  like to thank my niece, 13 year old Marielle Brunelle, for selling her handmade jewelry and donating 60% of her proceeds to Angels Above, and to my aunts and uncles who made the long journey from Canada to join us that evening.  And of course, a warm thank you to all who attended the event.  Because of your generosity, we raised $18,000!


We hope to see all of you again at this year's 10th Twilight Affair.  If you haven't had the opportunity to attend in the past, please join us.  We guarantee you'll have a wonderful time!


We have set up a special page on our website for you to view the pictures of the Twilight Affair.

Be a Sponsor at our

 Valentine's Day Party!

We host many parties throughout the year for the children and their families and we are in need of sponsors to help with the cost of food. 
For just $25 (or more!), you can become an "Angel Party Sponsor". Your name will be posted at the party and you'll receive a "Picture of the Day".
To become a sponsor, please mark on your check "Angel Party Sponsor" or use PayPal through our website. 
We appreciate your support! 
Dental Office Brings Many Smiles!
The staff at Dr. Steven St. Germain's dental office in Merrimac, MA purchased many wonderful gifts for the children this past December.
We are grateful for your support!
The Keiley Family's Gift of Helping Others

Just as they did in December of 2009, the Keiley family of Dracut, MA visited our store once again this past December with a cash donation and toys for the children.  As mom, Tina, wrote "We are more than happy to donate to such a great cause. This year it was great because my daughter is starting to understand the idea of helping others.  She really enjoyed picking crayons and the play dough for the kids at the hospital."


Thank you Keiley Family for your continued kindness.



Thank You!


A sincere thank you to all who donated to Angels Above in 2010...whether it was a donation to the Angels Above Store, being a Party Sponsor, a donation made in memory or in honor of a loved one, or just because. 

We truly appreciate your support.
Pass It On!
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                                                                      Winter 2011


Happy New Year!  
This is a very special year for Angels Above...our 15th anniversary!  So I thought it was only appropriate to interview the woman who started it all.  I sat down with Sue regarding this great accomplishment and was surprised and touched by her answers.  The article ends with a poem she wrote years ago entitled "Kimberly". 
This year also marks the 10th anniversary of our annual fundraiser, The Angels Above Twilight Affair and Silent Auction, which will be held on November 3rd.  If you've never joined us in the past, we hope you will this year for we have great things planned!
So as this new year begins, I wish you joy in your soul, love in your heart, and every little happiness in your world.

Warmest Regards,
Mary Beth Brunelle
Angels Above celebrates its 15th anniversary!


As many of you know, Sue Horman started Angels Above in memory of her daughter Kimberly, who passed away at the age of 18.  I sat down with Sue recently and asked her about Angels Above.


How did you come up with the name Angels Above?
After Kimberly died, I knew I wanted to do something in her memory...maybe donate money or items to the Mass General Hospital playrooms.  So after having 2 yard sales which raised $2100, I knew I had to open a bank account but I needed to come up with a name.  The word angel would have to be in the title and I was talking this over with my co-workers at Lowell General, looked up and said "you know, something like Angels Above". 

What was your main goal in 1996 for the charity?
Once I had several yard sales and word spread about what I was doing, many people donated items to me to sell.  My friend offered her garage as a place to have the yard sales so each weekend in the Spring and Fall that's where they were held.  With Kimberly's birthday being June 10th, the money raised from the Spring yard sales went towards a donation on her birthday and the money raised in the Fall went towards a Christmas donation.  I would call the Child Life Specialists and ask what they needed.  This was my goal, to be able to continue to donate twice a year to the hospital.  I never dreamed it would become what it is today.

Since the Angels Above Store provides the majority of the money for the charity, what are some of the most popular items that people can donate.

We are always in need of kitchen items such as pots, pans, dish sets, glassware and small appliances.  Linens (kitchen, bath and bed) are good too.  Baby items such as swings and walkers are always needed.  I also accept small furniture but please call me if you have larger items to make sure I have the space.

Did you ever imagine the impact you would have on so many children?

No, because I never dreamed we would be where we are today.  I am amazed each time I walk into the Angels Above store, and when we have a party at the hospital and I see what we've been able to donate.

What are you most proud of 15 years later?

So many things.  That we are still here and thriving, that 99.68% of money raised in 2009 went to the charity, that over the years people have shared my story with others and are eager to help and that I have devoted volunteers.  I miss Kimberly every day, but I feel very blessed.

by Susan Horman


I light a candle
The flame is dancing
Reminds me of you...
Carefree, happy and bright.


I light a candle

The flame stands steadfast
Reminds me of you...
Courageous, hopeful, strong.

I light a candle
 The flame grows dim
Reminds me of you...
The start of your life everlasting.

I light a candle
The flame is glowing
Reminds me of you...
                          What wonderful memories.                     

The Gong Meditation Project to Benefit Angels Above



Zach Field, husband of Ellison 18 child life specialist, Sacha Field, is well known in the community for his performance and teaching talents as a percussionist.  However, this month, Zach is trying his hand at a new endeavor which he is calling, the Gong Meditation Project.  Teaming up with Repose Yoga Studio, Zach will be leading several Karma classes in which participants will meditate to the sound of the various gongs.  Repose has previously offered Karma classes where all of the proceeds have been donated to a charity of the facilitator's choosing.  Zach has chosen to donate the money to Angels Above, a charity near and dear to his heart.  The first gong meditation class will take place on Friday, January 28th from 7-7:45pm in Newburyport, MA.  The class will begin with a brief introduction, followed by a 25 minute seated gong meditation, and will end with time for reflection and questions.  Please bring a cushion or yoga mat.  No experience of any kind is needed.  For more information on this class or other upcoming Karma classes please visit: or

The Magic of Santa



  submitted by Marilyn Gifford, Child Life Specialist


Christmas magic was all around us when Angels Above and Santa Claus came for their annual holiday visit.  Accompanied by the gracious Mrs. Claus and the impish elves, Santa made his rounds on Ellison 17 bringing special gifts and tasty treats for the patients and families.


Santa's warm, kind heart shone through the joyful faces of delighted children and grateful parents. Giggles, glee and

"this is just what I wanted!" resonated throughout the unit. Mothers proudly had their tiny infant's pictures taken with Santa to remember their child's first Christmas. A quiet, withdrawn toddler transformed into a bright, happy boy who followed Santa's every footstep to catch a glimpse of his new polar friend.


Santa's magical presence touched the children, parents and hospital staff.  It helps the grownups remember a time when they too believed in the  wonder of Santa's spirit. After seeing the wide-eyed smiles and hearing the infectious 

laughter of the children, I must admit that I too still believe!

Raytheon Employees bring holiday cheer to many children!
The Cables Department of Raytheon Andover donates holiday gifts each year to a charity.  Carroll Carrien suggested they donate to Angels Above and we were fortunate enough to be chosen as the recipient this past December.


The kind and thoughtful people of this department were extremely generous with their donation.  As you can see from the picture above, we were thrilled to receive many wonderful items for the children including DVD players, MP3 players, toys and games.


Thank you Cables Department!!

Bowling League Strikes Again!

The Mt. Carmel Ladies Bowling League made a generous donation of toys, games, gift cards, movies and crafts to Angels Above for a 2nd year in a row.  Many children benefited from their kindness and we are truly touched by their continued support.

Many thanks to the wonderful ladies of the Mt. Carmel Bowling League for thinking of us once again!  We are most grateful.
 Until next time.... 
 Be well, enjoy each day, and keep smiling!!
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