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A Day of Love!
Be A Sponsor at our Luau
Celebrating Spring!
Twilight Affair's New Date and Time
Eric Horman runs the Boston Marathon Again!
Credit Cards Accepted...Finally!
Remembering David Geer
Craft Fair helps Angels Above
Balloon Raffle 2011
Mangia! Mangia!
Snow White
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  Day of Love!
  Love was in the air at our annual Valentine's Day
Handing out Valentine themed items to the children brought many smiles up and down the corridors of the pediatric units. The parents and siblings were also included in the celebration and given Valentine gifts. A special lunch was provided for the children, families and staff, courtesy of our Party Sponsor and Angels Above supporter, Donna Falco. 
It was a very special day for all!
Please go to for more pictures of our visit.

Be a Sponsor at our

 Luau Party!

We host many parties throughout the year for the children and their families and we are in need of sponsors to help with the cost of food. 
June 10th is our annual Luau in memory of Kimberly Horman's birthday.  For just $25 (or more!), you can become an "Angel Party Sponsor". Your name will be posted at the party and you'll receive a "Picture of the Day".

To become a sponsor, please mark on your check "Angel Party Sponsor" or use PayPal through our website. 


We appreciate your support! 

Hello Spring!



 Our Spring party took place on one of the first warm  days in April. So it was only fitting that we handed out beach pails to the younger children filled with bubbles, sunglasses, games and coloring books and then gave bags filled with arts and crafts, games, gift cards, and fun pj's to the older children.


Every party is very special to us and we love talking to the children and their families.  Whether it's meeting them for the first time, or catching up on how they are, it is always an emotional and wonderful day.


To view the photos of our Spring Party, please visit

New Date and Time for our Annual Fundraiser


ornaments painted by the children of Mass General


 It's hard to believe that this year marks our 10th Annual Twilight Affair and Silent Auction! 
We have decided to move this special event from our usual Thursday night to Sunday, November 6th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. The location (and turkey dinner!) will remain the same...Harris' Pelham Inn.
We are always looking for  items for our silent auction. If you, or anyone you know, would like to donate tickets to a sporting event, an overnight stay at a hotel, a weekend getaway at a summer home, a gift certificate to a restaurant, or something you think may be interesting, please contact
If you haven't attended our Twilight Affair, we hope you will join us this year for what will be a beautiful and memorable evening.  
What to do with unwanted items
What do you do with all the unwanted items in your house??  You donate them to the Angels Above Store! 
 We accept household items, women's and children's clothing, toys, dvd's, cd's, seasonal items and jewelry. 
If you have any questions regarding your donation, please call Sue at the Angels Above Store (978-452-4833).

Thank you!
Eric Horman runs the Boston Marathon Again!
 For a second year in a row, Eric Horman ran the Boston Marathon not only in support of MGH Pediatric Cancer, but in memory of his sister, Kimberly.  Sue, pictured with Eric at  the MGH pre-marathon dinner, said she was so proud of her son for deciding to run the marathon again. 
Just as she did last year, Sue waited for Eric at mile marker 20, the beginning of Heartbreak Hill.  He gave her a big hug and headed for the finish line.   

"Running this grueling marathon seemed so easy for Eric. I truly believe his sister was running right beside him the entire way." said a very proud mother.

Thank You!


A sincere thank you to all who donate to Angels Above.  We are truly grateful when we  receive a donation...whether it is an item to sell in the Angels Above Store, being a Party Sponsor, a donation made in memory or in honor of a loved one, or just because. 

We would not be able to continue to help the children and their families without your kindness and support.
Pass It On!
Please forward our newsletter to your family and friends!
  To join, please click on the "JOIN OUR MAILING LIST" button at the top of the newsletter to be put on our mailing list.
Thank you for helping us share our news! 
The Angels Above Store now accepts credit cards!
 Finally!!  After many years of just accepting cash and checks at the Angels Above Store on Mammoth Road in Lowell, we now accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover on all purchases.
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                                                                                          Spring 2011


"Where flowers bloom so does hope."  Lady Bird Johnson
I'm a big fan of hope.  It has gotten me through some
difficult times in my life.  I find myself "hoping" on a daily basis for important and sometimes silly things...
I hope that my family stays healthy, I hope my dog's surgery this week will go well, and I hope the hydrangea bush my husband pulled out because he thought it was a weed comes back.
As for this newsletter, I hope you are as touched as I was when you read the letter Donna Geer wrote about her son, Dave, who passed away in February.  I hope you enjoy the stories from our Child Life Specialists, Sacha Field and Ashley Reardon and I hope you will attend our annual Twilight Affair on its new date and time, Sunday, November 6th from 5-9pm.
And most importantly, whatever it is that you hope for, I hope it comes true.
Warmest Regards,
Mary Beth Brunelle
 Remembering Dave

Dave, his mother Donna, and brother Dylan
by Mary Beth Brunelle

Dave was the type of person that you liked instantly. He was the cousin of Child Life Specialist Anne Pizzano and we would see him at our hospital parties. He was always smiling and had a kindness about him. This past February, at the age of 19, Dave lost his battle with cancer. His parents, Donna and John, requested donations be made in his memory to Angels Above in lieu of flowers. The outpouring of kindness and generosity from so many people touched our hearts, just as Dave touched so many. I recently spoke with Donna and asked her to tell us about her son.  These are her words.

To My Angel Above
Dave, I wait patiently for you to come home every night. I wait for your gentle heart to warm this empty house. I wait for you and Dylan to talk late at night about nothing. I wish you could come home just one last time. The shock and pain that comes with each breath is unthinkable. To see such innocence so roughly taken from us hurts. No amount of experience or training can help us, but I know you can.
You always made things better. You are around us everywhere we go and no one can take that away. Through the eyes and strength of you, I've learned so many beautiful things in life. I've learned how to appreciate such simple things like a sunny day or a moonlit night, all of the good people that surround us, music and animals.
Family and friends were always so precious to you. I wish you knew how precious you were to them. You really made a difference here on earth. Everyone is so sad. You stood for such good things like strength and courage. They say those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. So Dave, may you walk beside us every day so that this brokeness inside will end. May we live life to the fullest, just as you would have done.
You were always an old soul that knew so much. Your kindness is forever in my heart. How wonderful life was with you in the world.
My wish for you is a painless, peaceful new journey. I hope all the pretty angels are surrounding you. You are forever my Cinderella man. I love you.  Mom     
                       John, Dave, Donna and Dylan Geer

Craft Fair Helps Angels Above




A craft fair was held on May 14th in Dracut to benefit Angels Above.  Rose Stoia, of Designs By Rosie, organized the event.  She is a frequent vendor at local craft fairs and thought it would be a great way to raise money for the children.  


Each vendor donated a gift basket worth $25 or more.  Patrons purchased raffle tickets and the baskets were then raffled off at the end of the day.  All proceeds from the raffle went to Angels Above.


The vendors who showed their support were: Rose Stoia, Desings By Rosie; Dianne Burton and DeeAnna Burton representing Silpada Jewelry; Laura Tillson representing Tupperware; Joanne Grace selling her made-to-order baskets; Colleen O'Hearn  representing Barefoot Books; and Lisa Grant and Melanie Hudon representing PartyLite.


This was Rosie's first time organizing a craft fair.  The turnout  wasn't as good as she had hoped, but that didn't stop her from stating that she'll plan a bigger one for the Fall!  "I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and I am grateful they are all healthy. I just wanted to help other children who aren't as fortunate".


A big thank you to Rosie and to all the vendors who participated.  We are grateful for your support. 

Balloon Raffle 2011:

Bigger & Better Than Ever!!

submitted by Sacha Field, Child Life Specialist 


Ellison 18 nurses Janice and Patti showing their support
 at last year's Twilight Affair

Many of you have attended the Twilight Affair over the years and are aware that the evening consists of many wonderful opportunities to donate money to the pediatric patients at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children.  But maybe you didn't realize that the highly anticipated "Balloon Raffle" is one of the biggest money-makers and perhaps one of the easiest ways to give directly to the kids. 


For those that are unfamiliar with the specifics of the Balloon Raffle, there are three levels of balloons for sale: $10, $25 and $50 balloons.  Each balloon contains a number corresponding to a prize of equal or greater value than the cost of the balloon.  There are three grand prize balloons which each contain a prize valued at a minimum of $100.  It's easy and simple and everyone walks away a winner!


100% of the proceeds from the sale of the balloons is transferred into the "Emergency Happiness Fund" accessible to the child life specialists on the inpatient units.  The money is used to treat chronically and terminally ill patients to special treats.  A manicure for a teen girl who is feeling unattractive due to losing all her hair from chemotherapy or takeout from a favorite local restaurant for a little boy who hasn't been able to eat anything in over a month...these are just a few examples of the wonderful ways that we put the money to good use.  It is the small comforts that Angels Above provides for the kids that make the biggest difference in the world. 


This will be our 4th year since introducing the Balloon Raffle and we hope to increase the number of balloons from 75 to 100, making it the largest and most exciting year yet.  As always, we will have a mix of prizes that appeal to people of all ages, ranging from restaurant gift certificates and sports paraphernalia to household d=E9cor and jewelry. 


At this year's Twilight Affair, every time you hear the famous POP, remember, that is the beautiful sound of money being donated to the special patients at MGHfC!


Mangia! Mangia!


submitted by Ashley Reardon, Child Life Specialist

Ashley and Josh 


Those are certainly the words that can be heard coming from 18 year old Josh's room when he gets to enjoy a special lunch from one of his favorite Italian restaurants while in the hospital, compliments of Angels Above.


Due to the generosity of Angels Above, child life specialists are able to facilitate a special lunch for patients who have been hospitalized for an extended period of time and may be in need of a little break from the day to day hospital food. "It is something special that I really look forward to if I have to come to the hospital" says Josh. "It gives me a chance to enjoy some good food and company while I am here. I am very appreciative that Angels Above treats me to my favorite dish...Lobster Ravioli".


As a child life specialist on one of the inpatient units, it is one of our overall goals to make each child comfortable, happy and provide as much normalization as possible. And with some children, we have learned food is not only just a way to their hearts but a way of providing some normalcy and comfort while they are in the hospital.  For me, seeing the joy that patients have when they get to order their favorite meal from an outside restaurant brings a whole new meaning to the word comfort food.


Thank you Angels Above for allowing us the opportunity to offer this special treat to our patients and families!   

 Until next time.... 
 Be well, enjoy each day, and keep smiling!!
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